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To really understand and know Japan, it is important to experience the atmosphere of the country. But above all to meet the fantastic people who, after all, are the ones that shape, nation and its history and culture. Respecting a country's culture has opened many doors. Japan is no exception. I wish you welcome to TOP of

Mount Fuji, manga, ancient temples, 6 S and high tech

In the literal sense is the TOP of JAPAN Mount Fuji. But even if this is Japan's most famous landmark, Japan has so much to offer, such as the 6 S: Sake, Sakura, Samurais, Shinkansen, Sumo and Sushi. These throughout the world well-known "brands" offer each one a special experience that is unique to Japan
Japan is also a country with High Tech, ancient temples, stunning sceneries, Manga* and Anime**, peaceful oasis in the middle of million-people cities, Mount Fuji, living treasures, Sachihoko***, a pulsing night life, Tokyo National Museum, Sky Tree****, Mikasa*****, Samurai festivals and much, much more also give this great country its distinctive quality.

In northern Japan, in Hokkaido, you can ski the slopes of the Olympics, on the main island Honshu, you have ultra modern cities and ancient villages, Alps and fertile plains. In Shikoku and Kyushu you will find hot springs, and even further south at Okinawa small islands with white sandy tropical beaches. And you can on the main islands travel with Shinkansen in comfort, the worldĺs first speed trains, but also find efficient public transportation in the cities and rural areas all over Japan.

World class cuisine

Japan offers a cuisine that is among the best in the world, Sushi, Noodles, Sashimi, Teppanyaki, Tempura,  Yakiniku and many other specialties served or cooked on fresh ingredients. And all prefectures in Japan have their cuisine, in the global metropolitan Tokyo you find them all. is a "different" travel guide

Dynamic Japan offers creativity, culture, business and opportunities in a class of its own in a global comparison. TOP of  is not first of all a travel guide This web site is in many ways, my personal interpretation and recommendations of what I consider is TOP of JAPAN, a country I first visited in 1973. Of course there is much much, more that can be named TOP of JAPAN.

This website will be continuously developed. Meanwhile, I can only encourage you: Go to Japan, you will never regret that you choose to visit this amazing country.

Malmo, Sweden in March 2013
Leif Almo
Hon. Consul General of Japan

*/ MANGA, are comics in the Japanese language by Japanese creators, adapted to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. All ages read manga in Japan as manga span many genres. Manga has also gained a significant international  audience.

**/ ANIME is the everyday Japanese word for animation (even foreign animated films).  In English, anime is mostly defined as a Japanese animation style characterized by colourful graphics, vibrant characters and fantastic themes.

*** SACHIHOKO, a God of water - a Japanese mythological animal that had the head of a tiger and the body of a carp.  The Sachihoko  was supposed to protect castles and temples from fire as it was believed to have the power to bring rain if a fire started. 

**** TOKYO SKYTREE in Sumida, Tokyo, is the tallest tower in the world with its 634 metres (2,080 feet). It has an observation tower and restaurants. Its full height of 634.0 metres (2,080 ft) , making it the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure after Burj Khalifa (829.8 m/2,722ft)

***** MIKASA, a battleship, formerly of the Imperial Japanese Navy.  Built in England and launched in 1900 and the flagship of Admiral T˘g˘ Heihachir˘ during the Battle of Tsushima in 1905. She is preserved as a museum ship at Yokosuka and is described as one of the "Three Great Historical Warships of the World", together with Victory in Portsmouth, UK, and Constitution in Boston, USA. - All about kendo

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