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RITSURIN KOEN; "One step, one scenery"

The slogan “One step, One Scenery” describes in a few words Ritsurin Koen (Garden).  In 1953 Ritsurin Koen in Takamatsu was designated a National Special Place of Scenic Beauty (Nihon no Tokubetsu Meishô).  A garden that surprises in many ways. With its six ponds, thirteen mounds, hills and beautiful pavilions strategically placed to use Mt Shiun as a background this garden constantly offers new sceneries.   Read more below...

Ritsurin is divided into a Japanese style garden in the south and western style garden in the north.  The many ponds and streams are full of koi (carp).  The garden also contain a folk museum, shops, rest houses but also a tea house, Kikugetsu-tei, where you can enjoy some tea.

The construction of Riutsin began in 1625 by Ikoma Takatoshi (1611-1659, Tenure: 1621-1640) lord of Sankui Province (todays Kagawa Prefecture).  They started to build a garden around the south pond. The work was completed in 1745 by the by the Fifth Lord Matsudaira Yoritaka (Tenure; 1739-1771after more than 100 years of improvements and extensions made by the successive lords.

Ritsurin Garden is a  “National Treasure of Japan” since 1953. In 2009  the garden was given three stars as the highest-rated, worth-visiting garden  for sightseeing in the Michelin Green Guide Japan.  This garden ranks amply on TOP of JAPAN as one of the best gardens in Japan, worth a visit. Travelling by train to Takamatsu takes only one hour from Okayama. Its area is 750.000  square metres (75 hectares/(185 acres).

From Takamatsu Station go to JR Ritsurinkoen Station (8 minutes ride) and you have another 8 minutes’ walk to the park. - All about kendo

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