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6 S of Japan

TOP of JAPAN also presents the 6 S, famous names that are recognized “brands” all over the world. International research shows that four of these 6 S,  Sake, Samurais, Sumo and Sushi are globally very well-known. Sakura and Shinkansen are familiar to everyone that has had any contact with Japan.
Target groups have not the same interest. Therefore it is all about to strengthen specific parts of each brand´s identity to create even more attraction. That is one goal with 

Sake stands for good drinking and celebrations
Sakura for poetry and emotions
Samurais for bravery and spirit
Shinkansen for punctuality and high tech
Sushi for deliacy and health 
Sumo for action and rituals


Positive "soft factor"

The “S brands” are positive “soft factors”, more valuable than ever. Today countries around the world compete with each other’s in a way that not existed just a few years back. There are some striking changes. More or less all countries want attention with strong “brands” as it is important to get maximum awareness to attract tourists as well as business. 
The right “brands” for a country is therefore crucial as the soft factors have a determining role in the future as we get more and more overwhelmed with information and therefore get difficulties to sort and remember. But a positive value loaded “name” you never forget.

Other “S brands”

There are many other brands with the letter S which are strong marketers of Japan.   Shinto, Sukiyaki, Shotokan and Sky Tree are just a, some of them will be presented later on TOP of JAPAN.  And of course Sankyo, SONY and Suzuki and others,but right now TOP of JAPAN not present any product brands. - All about kendo

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