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KORAKUEN KOEN; One of top three

Korakuen Garden in Okayama is one of Japan's official Three Great Gardens.  This is a garden built in the Kaiyu ("scenic promenade") style.  At every turn of the path which connects the lawns, ponds, hills, tea houses, and streams the visitor is presented with a new view. Read more below...

This wonderful garden is a must when visiting Japan. Here one can understand why Japanese gardens are considered as three-dimensional textbooks of Daoism and Zen Buddhism.

The total area is 133.000 square meters with a grassy area of 18.500 sqm. The planning started in 1687 and the garden was completed in 1700. Ikeda Tsunamasa (1638-1714), was the fourth lord (daimyo) of Okayama Castle.  The garden reached its modern form in 1863 and in 1884 ownership was transferred to Okayama Prefecture and the garden was opened to the public.

Here you also find one of Japan´s most beautiful Yatsuhashi  (“eight bridges").  8 wooden planks. placed in zigzag over a shallow pond with irises.  The background is a scene that is described in  Ise Monogatari (The Tales of Ise) a classical poem from the  Heian period (794–1185), written about 980.

In 1945 at an air raid most of the building of the park was burned to the ground including the equestrian archery pavilion together with the Okayama Castle tower. In 1954, after years of carefully restoration, Korakuen and most of the buildings was restored to its former glory and open to the public. Today Korakuen is more splendid than ever, walking around in this magnificent garden is a treat for both mind and body.

Korakuen Garden is one of TOP of JAPAN's absolute favourites. From Okayama Station it is 1,8 kilometres to the Garden and Okayama Castle. You can walk or take a tram. - All about kendo

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