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MIKASA - a historical battleship

One of the most famous ships in maritime history is the Japanese battleship Mikasa. She was built in Scotland in 1898-99 for the Imperial Japanese Navy and took part in several battles . The most famous battle was at Tsushima 27 May 1905, known as the Naval Battle of the Sea of Japan (Nihonkai-Kaisen). This battle was the decisive battle throughout the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905, Mikasa was the flagship of Admiral T˘g˘ Heihachir˘. Mikasa was also flagship at the battles at Port Arthur and in the Yellow Sea.

The Mikasa is named after Mountain Mikasa a 342 metre high (1129 feet) mountain in Nara, Japan.

Marshal-Admiral Marquis Togo Heihachiro was the commander of the Japanese naval forces at the battle of Tsushima when the Imperial Russian Navy's Baltic Fleet was destructed.   

At the front of the bow of Mikasa is the emperor's family crest. The original crest from 1905 is today displyed in the Mikasa Museum.

Today Mikasa can be visited at Mikasa Park in Yokosuka. The ship is preserved as a Memorial Ship museum and her hull was embedded in concrete 1923. Three years later Mikasa was opened in presence of the Crown Prince, Prince Hirohito and Admiral Togo Heihachiro. 

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